Born in NYC. Grew up in NJ. Served in the Air Force and the Army. Studied eight years in college. Married, retired, and living in L.A. I also have a great knowledge of cures and herbs, and I am an inventor and an artist – . . . . . . The nickname “Dude” got started with me around 1961. Jack Nicholson went to the same high school as me. He used the word Dude in Easy Rider, and now the word is commonplace. Check out the yearbook – Manasquan High School Yearbook – RootsWeb – Ancestry at, then go to Class of 1966, then Seniors, and find Paul White. You’ll see my nickname. Then go to Class of 1954 and check Notable Classmate, Class Officers, and Seniors and John Nicholson. So, I figure that he picked up the word hanging out in Manasquan. It’s strange that we both live in L.A. now . . . . . .  I was on a championship soccer team – unbeaten two years in a row. I was also on the wrestling team and was the chess champ in high school, the spelling champ in grammar school, and played tuba in the MHS band. I was an excellent swimmer and saved several people from drowning, including my brother . . . . . I drove some very fast cars and motorcycles and also did some mountain skiing. I had some accidents but nothing serious, and the only one that got hurt was me . . . . . .  I’ve worked as a cab driver, landscaper, an eligibility worker, security guard, building construction, on the GM motor line, and as a cop. Within a few years, my inventions will materialize. In the meantime, I enjoy traveling, pizza, smoothies, and reading . . . . . .  My favorite movie is Dune which has many parallels to my own life. For example, they tried to poison the protagonist, his eyes turned blue, he made some inventions, he had friends named Duncan and Chani, he was the best student that his martial arts instructor ever had, he always carried a knife, he used a computer for research,  he started to lose his vision, he had a very small dog, he was bitten on the fingers in a fight, he was a preacher, he was an excellent fighter and wrestler, he went into hiding for a very long period, he had visions that came true, he worked with the spice of life and the water of life, he used an extremely powerful voice on someone, some very powerful people have opposed him, he saved someone’s life, he was in the military, he piloted a plane, while lying down he kicked someone in the head, he had a good friend that played a strange instrument, and he was a white man that was the same height as me. He moved from a water planet, Caladan, to a desert planet, Dune. I moved from a beach town that was almost completely surrounded by water to a desert town. . . . .  I found 33 parallels in my life to the main character, Paul Atreides, which means Paul Black in Greek. The author, Frank Herbert, was from the State of Washington; I was stationed in Spokane. Unlike Paul Atreides, I don’t believe in worm holes or in the giant worms that make them. . . . . . . Feel free to go to    and check it out. 15 new original paintings with free gifts included with purchase. The choice is yours.